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Studio YEMM Founders

Tam, a healthcare provider, has worked with children, teens and adults for over twenty years. He is impassioned about serving his community and is hopeful to make a positive impact in people’s lives and the world at large. Ten years ago, Tam was fortunate to receive extraordinary guidance from remarkable yoga and meditation practitioners. He has continued to practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness to help balance the demands of parenthood, his profession, his athletic pursuits and the attainment of his life goals.

Robin discovered yoga while attending art and creative workshops. Through her yoga practice, she had the realization that nature is the medium of her art rather than the subject. The birth of her BeZen Jewelry line is the result of time spent in meditation and on her yoga mat. Meditation has provided Robin with the balance and endurance to maintain order in her busy and multi-faceted life.

Tam and Robin together have come to believe that through yoga, meditation, and a connection to mindful leaders and teachers, Studio YEMM can provide a space for the community to come together and recharge, awaken, realign and build. Their hope is to offer each and every member of the Studio YEMM community the opportunity to discover the power of their own potential.